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                            Before Restoration and Conversion

Restorations, when decided upon, open up a great big can of worms! Why? The answer is simple, where do you stop the restoration. If you just do the outside of the body then there is the problem of weather seals, emblems, mouldings and door mirrors just to mention a few. Yes they are old and look like shit. You can't just clean them up and hope they will do. Often they will have to be replaced with new ones to get that new look. AUS$20,000 gone.

O.K. the outside body now looks great but that engine bay looks embarrassing. So you decide to do an engine bay detail which involves of course paint the engine bay, engine, engine accessories and the engine bay accessories, also, don't forget the under side of the hood. Another AUS$6,000 gone.


                                 Engine Bay Detail in Progress

Now we’re cooking, the outside body looks perfect, the engine bay is pleasant to say the least but what about the blasted interior. Here goes with a refit and re-trim. Another AUS$5,000 gone.

We are very happy now with what we have. Then here comes a mate or should I say ex-mate.

“Gee nice job but the chassis rail and suspension look like shit”. O.K, the cops have let you out on a good behaviour bond. So in order to stop the cops from arresting you again you have decided to detail the chassis rail, suspension, transmission, differential and, stuff the expense, even the under side of the floor will be painted. Another AUS$10,000 gone.


                                   Under Body Detail - 81 Model

Great now we have a Corvette in perfect condition all clean, tidy and looking good.

“Yeah! shame it drives like a piece of crap. What about the conversion idiot?”. So it’s back to the shop again for a re-conversion. Another AUS$16,000 gone.


                                                Project Completed

 FINALLY done. It’s taken two bank robberies, six wives, several mates and not to mention the "years" to do it.

One very small problem, are you game to take it out for a spin. Well, are you? Someone might hit it or it might rain! Then again you might just find yourself your seventh wife or better yet some new mates!!

Confucius say “When contemplating a re-spray or restoration decide before you start on how far you wish to go and what you expect as the finished result. It is very difficult to just do half a job because it will always look like half a job”.

Oh Yeah, a final piece of advice, make sure you can afford to do it properly or do not do it at all.

All Prices are Indicative Only and are not Intended to be Accurate

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