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As can be seen from these photos this 1977 Corvette coupe was "T-Boned" by a late model Holden Commodore. This vehicle had been fitted with an '82 front and Monza style headlights, the owner wanted this configuration retained. Most of the impact was centred on the door pillar hinges and upper "A" arm. As a result, the chassis rail was bent, upper and lower "A" arms were bent along with the front stub axle and damage to the front rim which was repairable. The windscreen frame was distorted and the door was beyond repair along with its hinges.

The front clip, front bumper bar and left front inner skirt were all replaced as the original panels were deemed to be not worth repairing due to impact damage from the accident and poor workmanship from previous repairs. The Monza headlight system that was installed complicated an otherwise simple repair job. The before and after photos of this vehicle provide a good indication of our standard of work.


  • Mechanical 

Here is a sample of some of the mechanical services we offer:

Air conditioning re-gas/servicing (R12 type only & subject to availability of R12 gas) - Pre 1984 Only

Brake service/replacement 

Electrical repairs and modifications - Pre 1984 Only

Clutch service/replacement 

Drive shaft or half shaft servicing (universal replacements only)

Engine rebuilds/modifications

Engine tuning - Pre 1984 Only

Manual transmission rebuilds

Automatic transmission servicing 

Steering column service and repair 

Suspension rebuilds front and rear

Suspension performance tuning 

Wheel alignments front and rear 

Wheel bearing servicing front and rear 

Cooling system servicing

Before a vehicle enters the workshop for mechanical repairs it is inspected and quoted first. Also the parts needed for the work, if they are not in stock, have to be brought in before the vehicle is. By doing this we are able to minimize the time the vehicle is in the workshop.


  • Body

Repairs to the body can only really be properly quoted, in the majority of cases, with the paint removed to expose unforeseen problems. Things such as body filler, poor previous repairs or osmosis (a form of fibreglass rot due to moisture or poor laying - lack of resin. However, a rough estimate can be given before work commences. Body repairs in general, because of the time involved, have to be booked in well in advance and with no definite completion time given. No definite completion time is given due to a number of factors such as complications found after paint removal, extras requested by owner after work commences or even an unforeseen part being required which is not readily available.


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