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1968 - 1982 RE-CONVERSIONS

Re-conversions are performed on vehicles that have either been cross shafted or chain/cross shafted. Cross shafting is when the brake master cylinder and booster are retained on the left hand side and a series of shafts connect the pedals from the right side to the left. Chain/cross shafting is when the steering box is also retained on the left side and is connected to the cut down steering column via a chain and sprocket arrangement. It would be fair to say that if a vehicle has either of these systems installed it probably is a poor conversion in the ventilation and pedal area.

In a re-conversion the principals are the same as a normal left to right hand drive conversion.

The first step is to take the firewall and the chassis rail back to original condition (shape).

Sometimes we have to repair the steering column due to the column being shortened or the original mount hardware having been removed. Occasionally the column is so badly damaged that it has to be replaced.

The heater box and the air conditioning components are normally beyond repair and have to be replaced.

The wiring has to be repaired and sometimes replaced.

Often the engine has been moved to the left side to clear the steering box so the engine has to be moved back to its original position. In these cases the radiator fan shroud, fan clutch and fan blades would have to be replaced as they are usually missing or badly damaged.

The pedals usually have to be replaced.

On rare occasions we have had to replace the clutch bell housing or clutch fork on manual re-conversions.

Each re-conversion is unique and as such can only be acurately estimated upon inspection and dismantling.

The average extra cost to perform a re-conversion on top of the normal conversion price is au$5,000.00. This is due more to the cost of replacing parts  than the increased amount of labour required.

Each Vehicle is an Individual, so the Above Cost May Vary

See Conversions section for a complete list of conversion and options costs.

  • All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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