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                        454 Custom Hi-Rise Hood Insert 1968-1972 - Fits Eyebrow Mouldings From Standard Hood

Key Benefits

  • High Gloss Polished Black Gelcoat Finish
  • Extra Thickness for Greater Strength
  • Inspected Twice for Flaws
  • Bolt On Fit to Original Undamaged Body
  • No Modifications Required
  • Fitting Instructions Supplied

NOTE Minor shaping may be required to fit the individual vehicle


Description Price
Hood 454 Custom Hi-Rise Hood Insert 1968 - 1972

We Accept the following methods of payment

  • Visa (no surcharge)
  • Mastercard (no surcharge)
  • Amex (plus 4%)
  • Diners (plus 4%)
  • Bankcard (no surcharge)
  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale)
  • Cheque (goods released after bank clearance - NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Cash
  • Price DOES NOT Include Handling and Shipping Charges
  • Price  DOES NOT Include GST
  • Partial Panels Available - Minimum Price AUS$85.00
  • All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
  • Custom Colour Finish Available on Request  



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