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1968 1982 CONVERSIONS  

Left to Right Conversion Costs      

1968 - 1977 350 Automatic au$15,000.00 + GST
1968 - 1977 350 Manual au$15,950.00 + GST
1968 - 1974 427/454 Automatic au$16,000.00 + GST
1968 - 1974 427/454 Manual

au$16,950.00 + GST

1978 - 1982 350 Automatic au$15,950.00 +GST
1978 - 1982 350 Manual au$16,000.00 + GST
Add AU$350.00 to all Roadsters for Firewall Bracing.
All 427 / 454ci conversions require Extractors priced from AUS$850.00 to AU$1,350.00 + GST
Reconversions are the same price as above PLUS parts and repairs
Lifetime warranty on all non wearing parts (chassis rail, dash board, pedals, etc.)

          Optional Extras

Change rear indicator lens from white / red to amber (parts and labour) au$126.00 + GST
Right side firewall extension (auto/manual plus exhaust modifications
au$4,550.00 + GST
Engine bay detailing (in gloss black 2k paint) includes painting of engine and accessories etc, but does not include chroming, stainless steel braided hoses, stainless steel bolts, etc.
au$7,500.00 + GST
Paint engine bay in any colour other than black......................add
au$950.00 + GST
Engineers report (pre 1972)
au$650.00 + GST
Engineers report (1972 & later)

au$950.00 + GST

Draglink crack & hardness testing
au$475.00 + GST
Headlight wiring upgrade for Quartz Halogen lights (does not include light units) 1968 - 1982
au$850.00 + GST
Ignition cut out (H.E.I or points type ignition) 1968 - 1982 au$675.00 + GST
Power aerial wiring installation (does not include aerial) 1968 - 1982
au$375.00 + GST
          Paint & Panel  
Respray (back to bare fibreglass)...............................from au$20,000.00 + GST
Includes new weather seals, emblems(where available), panel gap & alignment correction, painted in 2k clear over base paint system.
Body repairs and modifications are extra.
Lifetime warranty on fibreglass repairs and at least 10 years warranty on paint.
Mechanical repairs on 1968 - 1982 (everything)
Mechanical repairs on 1984 - current (no tune-ups or electrical)
Mechanical repairs on pre 1968 (restoration also)
We do not use body fillers or quick fixes of any kind (so please don't ask)
All fibreglass repairs are done with fibreglass and fibreglass only.
All body shaping and repairs is also done in fibreglass only.
Resrorations generally take a minimum of two (2) years and possibly longer, depending on body damage.

Body damage cannot be fully known or quoted on until the paint has been removed

Average left to right conversion, engine bay detail, body repair and paint, chassis rail detail and suspension detail is from around $80,000.00 + GST
All work / repairs over $1,000.00 + GST are paid for in advance NO EXCEPTIONS


Labour rate per hour (all work) (or as per quote) au$150.00 + GST
Payment Methods
We Accept the following methods of payment
  • Visa (no surcharge)
  • Mastercard (no surcharge)
  • Amex (plus 4%)
  • Diners (plus 4%)
  • Bankcard (no surcharge)
  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale)
  • Cheque (goods released after bank clearance - NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Cash
  • Price  DOES NOT Include GST
  • All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Conversion Details

The process of a full conversion from left to right hand drive is extremely involved, thus, very expensive.

In order for the job to be done correctly you have to do an 80-90% mirror conversion.

A power steering box is used rather than reusing the power ram system. This is important because the old power ram system gave a very poor feel to the driver in that the wheel felt as if they were following the joint/cracks in the road, whereas the power steering box does not.

The heater box and air conditioning case are moved to the left side, a new air conditioning case is used which we fabricate. A system of vent adapters are used to reconnect the ducts back up to the dash. The heater box is not altered. We have also managed to boost the vent pressure for the air conditioning through improvements in the basic design. This was necessary because the original system was very poor in this area.

The engine position is not altered, and the park brake system remains unchanged.

The brake booster is fitted to the right side and is not modified.

If the vehicle is manual a hydraulic clutch master cylinder is fitted rather than the mechanical linkage system used by the factory.

Engine bay and under dash electrical wiring is professionally modified to suit the relocated multi-plug and dash arrangement.

Fibre-optics, if fitted, are separated from the wiring loom and are retained as originally installed.  

The steering column is mounted on the right side and is not modified in any way.

The power steering box is mounted on the inside of the right chassis rail. A Ford or the original Corvette idler arm is used depending upon the type of conversion the owner requests i.e. Big Block or Small Block.

New dash boards are fabricated and colour coded to match the existing interior colour

Pedals are moved to the right side and reshaped to fit, they are also shaped to fit the driver allowing for maximum comfort and the proper toe to heal operation.

At this point the right firewall may be extended for more leg room should the owner request it.

The original exhaust system remains unchanged. This does not include side pipe systems or big block engines which have to have extractors fabricated or modified)

A new accelerator cable is fitted. This cable is adjustable. A new accelerator cable mount at the carburettor is fabricated for optimum fit and angle to carburettor.

New power steering and air conditioning hoses are fabricated. Each vehicle has the hoses tailor made for neatness and durability.

When completed, the vehicle undergoes extensive testing to check the operation of steering, braking, and ventilation systems.

A fault list is given to the owner of repairs and adjustments that may be required and which are not to do with the conversion. By doing this, the owner knows what is wrong with their vehicle and can attend to it before it breaks down or the owner can request that the repairs or adjustments be done by Corvette Alterations & Conversions. They would be done and tested before the vehicle is collected.

The time to do a conversion varies from three (3) months to six (6) months depending upon the type of conversion requested i.e. a simple standard conversion up to the fully optioned conversion. This does not include mechanical, electrical or body repairs.

Note: For all jobs over AUS$1,000.00 we are paid in advance. If extra work is requested to be carried out, it too has to be paid in advance. We do this because we have found that constant delays are incurred with work in progress due to late progress payments or no payments. This causes extensive delays in the workshop in that jobs that have been booked in to arrive at a specific date will need to be delayed. This penalises everyone, a situation that we would very much like to avoid.

As a rule we do not add extras to a quoted job once that job has started. However, providing that the extras would not slow the job down, these may be included. CONSULTATION IS A MUST HERE

Written quotes are supplied on request. Quotes for larger jobs are charged for in the first instance, and taken from the total invoice price on completion of the job. Parts prices may vary due to conversion rates with the US Dollar.


Terms And Conditions

  • No Credit is given so please do not ask.

We Accept the following methods of payment

  • Visa (no surcharge)
  • Mastercard (no surcharge)
  • Amex (plus 4%)
  • Diners (plus 4%)
  • Bankcard (no surcharge)
  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale)
  • Cheque (goods released after bank clearance - NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Cash
  • Price  DOES NOT Include GST
  • All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice  



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