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Vehicle Assessments

It is recommended that if you are about to purchase your first Corvette that you have it assessed before purchasing, this is similar to an NRMA inspection.

Even if this is your second, third or fourth Corvette it is still wise to have the vehicle assessed by an experienced repairer

Why? you ask

1. To acquire a list of faults, be they serious or insignificant

2. Obtain an idea of expenses, both immediate and future, of repair and maintenance costs

3. Assess the condition of the right hand drive conversion - is it a good conversion or a poor one.

4. Get an insight as to what can be done to enhance your Corvette whether it be engine performance / suspension, or making more leg room for the driver, the list can be almost endless.

The inspection covers a wide range of aspects from originality through to mechanical problems. Factory and aftermarket options. Long term reliability to possible short term breakdowns.

The assessments we perform are based on 1968-82 Corvettes (these are the years we specialize in). The assessment is put in writing and prioritized from most serious to least significant. We will then quote / estimate if the customer so wishes, also in writing if the customer wishes.

Assessments can also be performed on models outside our specialty range (pre 1968 and post 1982) but will only be done on mechanical / body but not necessarily originality and quality of conversion.

Note: Assessments will need to be preformed at our premises in order to gain the full benefit of same.


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