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Alterations come under two basic headings:

  • Mechanical

Modifications can be done to the suspension and chassis rail for improved handling and starts.

 Front Chassis Strut: We can do what we call a front chassis strut modification which will fit small and big block Corvettes. The kit we buy from the U.S.A. was only designed to fit small blocks and we were not happy with the way it was mounted. So we have designed an adapter which is welded to the chassis rail just below the front upper "A" arm mount. We then drill and tap the adapter so that the strut clears the water pump pulley and fan shroud on both big and small blocks. Once this is done the strut can be fitted between both front upper "A" arms and tensioned. The strut is fitted with left and right hand threaded Heim joints so tensioning is quick and easy.

Front chassis kit is from au$P.O.A. plus adapter and labour is from au$P.O.A.

 Five Link Rear End Conversion: We can do to the rear suspension what is called a Five Link Rear End Conversion. Again we buy a kit from the U.S.A. This kit requires extensive modification of the chassis rail to fit. The original rear trailing arm is discarded along with the rear camber struts. In their place are installed upper and lower trailing arm struts per side (Heim jointed both ends) and two rear camber struts per side (also Heim jointed both ends). Rear brake hose and park brake cable mounts are fitted. Original rear spring can remain or an aftermarket fibreglass spring can be fitted. Original type shock absorbers are fitted. We remove the Heim joint which is normally installed in the chassis rail where the original trailing arms used to go and change it to a Polyurethane bush type joint to minimize road noise and vibration.

Five Link Rear End kit is from au$P.O.A. and labour is from au$P.O.A.

Nine Inch Differential Conversion: Coming soon is the Nine Inch Differential Conversion system. This is an alloy differential housing fitted with Ford running gear. The installation of this assembly will require no modification to fit. We will let you know when this item is available.

Nine inch differential complete with any common gear ratio is from au$P.O.A. plus fitting 


  •     Body

We can do custom fibreglass bodywork to suit the individual. These alterations can be such as Flared Guards to accommodate larger wheels. Hood Enlargements to clear carburetor/air cleaner. There is basically no limit to what can be done except the cost involved in doing it.

Guard flares start from au$1500.00 per guard plus materials/parts

Hood enlargements start from au$900.00 plus materials/parts

We Accept the following methods of payment

  • Visa (no surcharge)
  • Mastercard (no surcharge)
  • Amex (plus 4%)
  • Diners (plus 4%)
  • Bankcard (no surcharge)
  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale)
  • Cheque (goods released after bank clearance - NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Cash
  • Price  DOES NOT Include GST
  • Custom Colour Finish Available on Request  
  • All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


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