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Corvette Alterations and Conversions was established in1990 initially with the intention of only performing Left to Right Hand Drive Conversions. Body Repairs was not an area that we were interested in at this time. However, we were forced to undertake Body Repairs in-house after a number of vehicles that had been sent out for repair work came back in worse condition than they left. This was also the situation for the paintwork side of the repairs. We still subcontract out this work, but we are very selective about who we send the job to.

Spare Parts was another area that we were forced to enter into. Two reasons brought about this circumstance:

1)      We had to keep some spare parts on hand to speed up jobs in the workshop and for small simple repairs, radiator hoses, distributor parts, etc.

2)      We had run out of patience with continually being supplied with incorrect parts or having to wait a disproportionate amount of time for the parts to arrive.

The next problem that we encountered was in the poor quality and fit of  aftermarket panels i.e. Fibreglass Bumper Bars. A considerable amount of time was being spent getting them to fit as well as removing all the ripples in the panel or improving the definition of what were originally extremely poor character lines. To remedy this situation we are now making the body panels, door panels, bonnets and bumper bars ourselves.

 Considerable time and effort has been invested in the production and development of the moulds. Original condition standard production vehicles that have not been damaged have been used for the moulds to ensure that the castings are exactly the same as the original parts if not better. Proper fit without the need for extensive modifications was a priority result of the process. It was found that enhancement of the character lines not only improved the look of the bumper bar it also improved the overall appearance of the vehicle as well.

 All body repairs are carried out using only fibreglass, no body fillers are used at all. All weak spots on the body, which are seen as minor cracks on the surface of the body, are reinforced. These are particularly evident along the character lines on the front guards of the early `70ís Corvettes. All panels are realigned allowing for correct weather seal contact, where required, and all panel gaps are corrected. We are always doing research and development on ways to improve the finished product either through better materials or improved procedures.

 If the owner of a vehicle will not permit the repairs to be done correctly i.e. they want us to take shortcuts or use inferior materials or parts, whether it be mechanical or body, we will not undertake the work at all. With this approach we are able to maintain a consistently high standard of repair.

There is a waiting time before major repairs i.e. restorations or conversion/reconversions, can get into the workshop. This delay varies from six to twelve months. These jobs must be booked in beforehand. Small jobs are usually done straight away or may have to wait a maximum of two weeks.

All work comes with an extensive warranty. Fibreglass repairs are normally lifetime. Mechanical repairs have a minimum of one year. Non wearing mechanical repairs are normally lifetime. As paintwork is contracted out we have no control over any warranty claims in this area. However, we try our utmost to have any problems rectified as soon as possible, again, this depends on the painters although we have not had any problems as yet.

Staff on hand are a fully qualified Motor Mechanic, Body Maker and Air Conditioning Mechanic. We are a fully Licensed and Certified Workshop, all work is only done by Qualified Tradespeople.   


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